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Urban DictionaryDoodly-squat.

Definition of diddly-squat in theDictionary. Meaning of diddly-squat. What does diddly-squat mean? Proper usage and audio pronunciation of the word diddly-squat. Information about diddly-squat in thedictionary, synonyms and antonyms. This was a decision taken in Whitehall by Treasury officials and had precisely diddly-squat to do with Welsh Labour, the Assembly Government nor, indeed, any of their AMs or candidates. Of no significance, rank or importance. The word “doodle” was in wide slang usage throughout the 19th Century to mean a fool, a clueless soldier or a penis. The term was in wide use during the Great Depression and was joined by the updated version "diddly-shit" in. May 20, 2011 · Definition of diddly-squat.diddly-squat.noun - uncountable.absolutely nothing. I told that girl diddly squat. Citation from Austin Powers in Goldmember 2002 film censored in hope of resolving Google's penalty against this site. See more words with the.

‘Lobbying the state legislatures to change the pay structure has done diddly-squat.’ ‘We are making money out of an asset that otherwise would be doing diddly-squat.’ ‘They forget that these browser things are just tools, and browsers are just windows onto the web, so a graceful XUL framework means diddly-squat to the innocent punter.’. diddly-squat Noun nothing; nothing whatsoever. Origin: The Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang suggests that this is a derivation of doodly-squat from 1934. Diddly-squat. Posted by ESC on November 02, 1999. In Reply to: Don't know squat posted by Judy Taipale on November 02, 1999: Does anyone know where that don't know squat came from? Or diddly squat?? From "Why You Say It" By Webb Garrison Rutledge Hill Press, Nashville, Tenn., 1992: "Diddly-squat.Strictly American in origin, that expression sounds suspiciously like a pair of modified. Jan 16, 2010 · Answers.Best Answer: Diddly Squat was born in a noisy inn on the outskirts of Philadelphia, at 3:00 PM on Thursday January 20th 1732. His mother was a waitress for this popular tavern of the day and was busy serving ale and beer nuts to the customers. She was Eliza Squat who married the no good Don't Have Squat who left her for another woman. Feb 11, 2016 · Diddly-squat is a term for doing nothing, or not worth anything diddly, and even to describe just nothing at all. During the 1930's, this phrase was coined due to an observation of someone squatting while doodling in the sand.

TRENDING NOW.hogwash 'nonsense, balderdash'. probity 'adherence to the highest principles and ideals'. sequacious 'intellectually servile'. inadmissible 'not capable of being allowed'. oligarch,. Define diddlysquat. diddlysquat synonyms, diddlysquat pronunciation, diddlysquat translation, English dictionary definition of diddlysquat. also did·dly·squat n. Slang A small or worthless amount. Noun 1. diddlysquat - a small worthless amount; "you don't know jack" diddley, diddly, diddlyshit. Dare and need.The two verbs dare and need have characteristics of both modal verbs and main verbs. Because of this, they are called semi-modals. They sometimes behave like modal verbs and do not. Doodly-squat definition, a minimum amount or degree; the least bit usually used in the negative: This coin collection isn't worth doodly-squat in today's market. See more.

Where did the phrase "diddly squat" come from and what.

What does diddly-squat mean? diddly-squat Definition.

With Reverso you can find the English translation, definition or synonym for diddly-squat and thousands of other words. You can complete the translation of diddly-squat given by the English-Spanish Collins dictionary with other dictionaries such as: Wikipedia, Lexilogos,.

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